Would you have a direct cremation?

Transferring The Deceased
Direct cremation has existed for years.  It is the act of a cremation being carried out, without the preceding service. Direct cremation came into the limelight in 2016 when David Bowie died and opted out of the traditional funeral ceremony, instead choosing a direct cremation.

A.R. Adams Supporting Local Projects

Are you part of a local group, association or charity? Would your group benefit from a donation award? A.R. Adams Funeral Directors based in Rayleigh and Southend (Thorpe Bay) are looking to support four local groups/associations.  Each of the four will receive a lump sum donation from A.R. Adams.

Ashes Reunited

Earlier this month, A.R.Adams Funeral Directors were contacted by a lady from a local charity shop who had found a set of cremated remains among some donated books.