Southend Crematorium

Live Streaming and DVDs

The local crematorium chapels offer the facility to broadcast the funeral service live over the internet.  This is done privately and can be accessed by password, allowing family and friends that may be house-bound or who live abroad to watch the service.

Webcast Service

You can now have your service broadcast privately and securely over the internet using the Wesley music and media systems. This enables family members and friends to view the service from anywhere in the world.

If you choose to use this service we will arrange a unique username and password that you can pass on to anyone you choose.

They can watch the service live by logging in at the correct time or they can watch at a convenient time for 7 days following the service.

Webcast Costs

Basildon Crematorium:                                £80.00
Southend Crematorium                               £110.00

DVD Recording

You can also request that a DVD recording is made of the service. The DVD will then be yours to keep.

The live streaming and DVD recording has benefited families who have relatives abroad or who are unable to attend the service in person.  DVD’s can also be kept so that future generations can watch the service of their family members.

DVDs are produced by Wesley Media and are usually ready two to three weeks after the service.

DVD Costs

Basildon Crematorium:                                      £65.00
Southend Crematorium                                      £80.00